Pack 1
Price: Rp. 850,000 per person (just for this tour)

  • Wooden Cane
  • Traditional Farmer Hat
  • Insurance
  • Cooking Class
  • Lunch
  • Coconut Ice
  • Four hour interactive rice field tour
  • Viewing and participation in daily life activities
  • Full Balinese meal with water, coffee, and dessert


Upon arrival you will be welcomed with open arms and offerings by our Balinese team, with warm smiles from the locals you meet on the way..

The Tour

You will gather in the outer courtyard of the village temple and meet your guides. From there you will proceed along the irrigation waterways into the rice fields while your guides explain and answer questions.

Tajen Village Temples

The Village Temple was built by the founder of Tajen. Your tour begins in the temple courtyard. As you progress along the waterways to the temple Temuku Aya, located where the waters divide, your guide will explain the process involved in this ancient system of irrigation. A bit farther along is the Bedugul Temple, dedicated to the goddess Dewi Sri who protects the rice fields.

Daily Life

Throughout the tour you will meet people from the village involved in tasks that occupy them day in and day out. You can choose to observe or actually participate to get an even better understanding of village life.


The powerful water buffalo is still used to pull the plow through the muddy paddies to prepare the earth for planting. Maybe you would like to ride on one of these patient creatures. Or perhaps you wish to help with the planting or harvesting, depending upon the time of year.

Village Chores

When you complete the paddy tour, you will follow your guide on a path through lush gardens where villagers are engaged in everyday tasks. There are women pounding rice with heavy mallets to remove the hulls. Another group is making offerings, and one woman bakes lak-lak, the delicious Balinese sweet cakes drizzled with palm sugar syrup. You will also see men weaving the baskets they use to catch eels, and all the while, the music of the rindik players fills the air.


If you visit a Balinese family, you will be fed. We invite you to be our guest for a meal of signature dishes that are favorites of the people of Tajen village. You will be served on a covered terrace and entertained by the Tingklik Musicians. You will gain more insight into our culture when the Balinese chef tells you about the ingredients and methods used to prepare the authentic Balinese dishes being served.

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