Rice Paddy Cycling Tour


is based in Tabanan region and we run by experience team who work in hospitality industry for more than 15 years. Get peace of mind and be healthy. Do something different during your holiday in Bali. Leave your activity in south of Bali such as beaches , bars , night clubsand shopping malls and the hustle & bustle of Bali for a day. We will bring you into other side of Bali which are nature and rural life in Bali. Our team will deliver service coming from the heart where you can not find other places in Bali

Arrive at Jati Luwih

We will bring guests to our starting point in the village of Jatiluwih. Upon arriving at Jatiluwih our team will greet them with a warm feeling and we are pleased to serve coffee or tea with some snacks Bali overlooking the rice fields and enchanting views of Mount Batukaru.


We will serve you with a very delicious breakfast before start riding. Restaurant itself has a very magnificent rice field view. Also gives them the opportunity to take pictures to capture the beautiful moments of this.

Start A Ride

Before starting to ride, we will guide our guests how to ride safely and utilize of the bike properly. We also do some warm up to avoid injury. After enjoying enchanting nature for 1 mile and taking picture for some beautifull points, we will stop by at the house of local people to learn how to make balinese snacks “Renggina” for offerings about 20 minutes.

How to Make Ranggina

Renggina is a local snacks from bali where always being part of balinese offerings. You will see them and enjoy the live show how to make the snacks. You also able to join them to make “renggina snack”. Will be very fun and interesting.

Cockfighting rooster

We continue riding down into other local people house. We will find a man who treating his rooster. Why? because in Bali there is cockfight are known as Tajen , Meklecan or Ngadu are required at Temple and purification ( mecaru ) ceremonies. The Tabuh Rah ritual to expel evil spirits always has a cockfight to spill the blood. tabuh Rah literally means pouring bloods. To the balinese cockfighting is much more than a religious ritual. Only man participate, women do not even watch. The word of Tajen comes from Tajian, the taji being the blade.

Feeding the cow and visit elemetary school

In Bali there is a lot of “home farming”Most of the people have cows, pigs, and chicken at home. The cow is usually fed by the farmer, the pig by the housewife and the chicken by any family member. In this article we focus on the cow; which is one of the most important animals in Balinese culture. A cow gives economical advantages to Balinese families as it grows from being a calf to a cow, when a cow gives birth to a calf this is an extra income to a farming family; but more than that, the cow is also utilised to cultivate the rice fields, as its “droppings” are organic fertilizer. The guest can feed the cow together with the farmer and enjoy the beautifull background nature view. And also next to farming house there is a elementary school. The guest also able to visit the school and see how the learn at school and have some interactive activity with them in the class.

Visit Balinese House

Before having Lunch we will visit Balinese House to see of balinese people residence. Every building of Balinese Traditional house refers to 9 of wind directions (Nawa sanga), it means that every building has its own place. For example:

  • The place for Kitchen (a place for fire) should be in the south.
  • Prayer building (pura) always in the east side. The side of sunrise.
  • Well the place of spring always in the north side. It’s the place of mountain is usually located


After that we will have about 15 minutes longer to rest and you will be served a refreshing tropical fruit and balinese cake.

Arrive at Desa Tajen

You will gather in the outer courtyard of the village temple. The guide will tell you about story of Tajen village and one of the oldest Banyan tree in Bali. From there you will proceed along the irrigation waterways into the rice fields temple “Temuku Aya” while your guides explain and answer questions.

Lunch at Temuku Aya

Temuku Aya is the original irrigation system used to bring water to the rice fields. Our village of Tajen is the only place in Bali where this system is still operating. We continue to farm with the water buffalo and plant and harvest according to the mandates of our ancestors. If you visit a Balinese family, you will be fed. We invite you to be our guest for a meal of signature dishes that are favorites of the people of Tajen village. You will be served on a covered terrace and entertained by the Tingklik Musicians. You will gain more insight into our culture when the Balinese chef tells you about the ingredients and methods used to prepare the authentic Balinese dishes being served.

Only IDR 900 K
For 2 Person

Tour Include:

  • Professional English speaking guide
  • Breakfast
  • Traditional Indonesian lunch
  • Water and Snack en route
  • Young coconut juice
  • Mountain bike helmet
  • Wet weather gear if needed
  • Insurance

What To Bring:

  • Sunscreen/sun block
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal day pack
  • Sport shoes/flip-flop
  • Digital camera/video recorder
  • Personal medicines (if required)
  • Mosquito Spray
  • Adequate cash for personal expenses
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